Our office recently received a phone call from Theresa Kirby, regarding the cleaning that was done on her vehicle's interior.

This customer contacted our office to notify us of how nice and well-mannered Rick Cleven, the Dr. Vinyl technician, was when he came out to her residence and cleaned her vehicle. Ms. Kirby wanted ECP, Inc., to be aware that she has never been so impressed by one person before in her life. Rick answered all her questions, and cleaned her vehicle like nobody ever has. There were no problems or hassles. Ms. Kirby said that should ECP continue to work with companies such as Dr. Vinyl, that we would never have calls from customers who are mad or angry. Ms. Kirby mentioned that most outside facilities do not go the extra mile for anyone, but that Rick Cleven did just that.

We thought that we should forward these words of praise to you for Rick. Our office would like to thank you and your technician Rick Cleven, for the wonderful job you have been doing with our valued warranty holders. Have a wonderful day!


Entire Car Protection Claims Representative