About Us

Since 1972 Dr. Vinyl has been offering world-class vinyl, leather and hard plastic repairs to a whole host of industries. With over 52 years of experience to our name, we are now widely renowned for our attention to detail, our customer service and our unbeatably high standard of quality and excellence.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed and all Dr. Vinyl technicians are fully insured.

vinyl, leather and hard plastic repairs

Our state of the art technology in micro repair allows us to make those tears and holes disappear, bumps, scuffs and scratches vanish and if you like we can even recolor your auto interior as well as the chairs, sofas and ottomans in your home or office. No other company can achieve stunning results as fast or economically as Dr. Vinyl.

Dr. Vinyl is the only company in the world that uses Vinyl Siding Repair Technology. What this means for you is that it is no longer necessary to replace vinyl sidings due to chips and scratches. We can repair the damage, recolor the repair and match any grain, saving you time and money.

And it’s quick and easy to get your vinyl looking as good as new too thanks to our Mobile Technicians who come fully equipped, and our conveniently located Car Care Centers which have been designed to provide you with the reliable, efficient and speedy service that you’ve come to expect from Dr. Vinyl.

So who do we work with? Everyone from new and used car dealers, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, gyms, marinas, casinos, sports bars, furniture stores and even private home owners. We are the right choice for vinyl and leather repair!