Job Security

If you’re currently a wage earner, buying a franchise might at first appear to be risky. Yes, it is a major step to turn your back on what appears to be job security, and reach for the opportunity afforded by a business such as Dr. Vinyl.

But is there such a thing nowadays as genuine job security? Because of rapid changes in technology and ever changing trends, what is “in” today may be “out” tomorrow. Your company, or one of its departments, can practically overnight find that it, or a significant number of its employees, are no longer needed.

So what do you do when that job you thought was so secure suddenly vanishes only to be replaced by a sinking feeling when you realize your livelihood was so easily taken the moment times got hard or demand for your products or services began to decline?

At Dr. Vinyl we know how fast things change. Founded in 1972, Dr. Vinyl & Associates, Ltd initially only repaired vinyl but through the years, we have diversified our services and products to meet changing demand.

True job security simply does not exist with most jobs. With Dr. Vinyl you are truly the master of your own destiny, in possession of the tools you need to chart a career path of your choosing.

We are happy you have chosen to investigate our franchise program. If you have previously or even now own your own business, we are sure you can relate to job security issues. If you have not owned your own business, we hope you will continue to show interest in Dr. Vinyl. We believe you will like what you see.

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