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About 3 1/2 years ago I wrote an article about attending the 2020 Convention. Then the world stopped for a while. We were unable to have a convention for several years. I wasn’t sure when, or if, we would ever have another chance to gather together. We have a chance this year. So I thought I might take another try at encouraging your attendance at this year’s convention. I used some of my original article and tried to add some new. I hope it will move you to come. I look forward to seeing you there. I could use your help, your advice, your experience. Maybe you could use mine. All I know for sure is that it has been far too long….

Techs and Owners,

I just wanted remind everyone how important Conventions are to the motivation and success of Franchises, Associates, and Owners alike. Our Franchise has gained so much from the information shared at each and every convention we have attended. We see it as an opportunity to bring things home to add to our arsenal of skills and knowledge. The more we know and can do in the Dr. Vinyl world the more we can help our customers and, of course, the more we can earn. Our hope is that there will always be a convention available for us to go to and to learn from. Participation is the key to each convention’s success. Hopefully, all Franchises will be able to attend the next Convention. If we can bring our knowledge together in one place and share with those that want to learn, we will always be successful.

The sharing of knowledge is a true “Golden Nugget”. This happens when someone takes the time to share some aspect of a job they did with another. Then later that person retells the story and shares how much of an impact it had on them. The originator of the story often times has no idea the weight or influence they had on another. They simply talked about how they did things. Sometimes the simplest thing you tell someone else is the greatest help you can ever give them. That is underlying theme of Dr. Vinyl Conventions: To tell people simple things they can do to be successful. It doesn’t have to be a new piece of equipment or a brand new idea……

It can simply be the one thing you didn’t think of, that someone else did.

Next time your at Convention think about taking a pocketful of “Golden Nuggets” home with you.

Hope to see you at the 2023 Convention aka Golden Nugget Time.

Mitchell Reid
The Wandering Upholsterer
All Who Wander Are Not Lost