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Owners and Associates,

I don’t usually follow a post of mine with another especially so closely, but this one just fell into place.

Within a week of the post listed above, the tech that took over Ryan’s interior accounts, Kyle Roberson, was looking to also boost his sales and called me to ask about pursuing some upholstery jobs he was aware of in the same area. Kyle is one of our newest techs and has no experience with upholstery work, but he does have experience with developing new customers and hard work. We will be looking at this job soon and you never know what it may lead to….maybe another customer. Honestly, even I was surprised at how quickly word had spread about this type of success. We will see how this, as with any job, works out. I will tell you though, without these techs trying and reaching for this work we may never have known about it much less have had a chance to do it.

Something we have noticed is success without pursuit is often not maintained. The tech that goes out and pursues accounts is much more motivated to maintain those accounts into the future because he knows how much work was involved in finding them. He also knows how rare it is to keep them and is more determined to do so. In contrast, work that is handed to a tech, even myself, is more often than not, taken for granted. As crazy as it seems the easiest work to obtain sometimes demands the least amount of attention. Hence, the saying “The squeaky wheel get the grease.”

In our Franchise we have adopted a philosophy of trying to maintain all customers regardless of the difficulty it took to obtain them. We base this philosophy on the fact that it doesn’t matter where the sales come from because “All their money spends the same.” Something to think about. Good hunting to all those techs in the field.

Mitchell Reid
The Wandering Upholsterer
“All Who Wander Are Not Lost”