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gregory struckhoff

One of the things I do when mixing paint is I pull the formula of a pint and move the decimal place over. It makes a huge difference when mixing up small ammounts of paint. It will make your color matches so much better

Mercedes 744

2oz 16oz weight out

LV69 60.2 481.9 48.19
LV78 1.6 12.5 1.25
LV01 .9 7.0 .7
LV59 .5 4.1 .41
LV32 .4 3.0 .3
LV31 .2 2.0 .2
LV33 .1 .6 .06

If you use the 2oz formula the color will be to yellow because the program rounds the number to get it to the tenths ( 0.0 ) place. If you don’t have a scale that weights to the hundreds ( 0.00 ) get one it pays for its self. If you have question call me at 314-706-0885. Hope this helps.