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Doctor “B”

Mitchell, I greatly appreciate all the kind words in your post and appreciate your efforts in trying to “Get The Customer To The Appropriate Dr. Vinyl” in a timelier manner. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to publish a map of each franchise owner’s legal description of their territory. Not only would the map be more confusing to the customer, it would be misleading because most Dr. Vinyl franchise owners do not even service all the areas within their territory as it is. More importantly, some franchise owners (more than you would believe) only service automotive dealerships. They choose not to provide service for retail customers, residential customers, restaurants, national accounts or commercial type businesses. Currently, this is a decision the franchise owner has a right to make. Our point of view is by providing all the different services that we have to offer to the variety of clientele that is at your disposal, you only make your business stronger and more valuable while making the Dr. Vinyl/The Doctors Brand even stronger than ever before.

The “Find Your Doctor” on the Dr. Vinyl website is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. The site is designed so when a customer puts in their city or zip code, it will find the closest Dr. Vinyl location to that zip code or city. If there are multiple Dr. Vinyl’s in the area, it will pull all of them up with the closest being the first in order. The website is designed to generate interest and turn it into a phone call or an email, whether that call is directly to the franchise owner or to corporate headquarters. Either way, when the franchise owner receives the call, they have the opportunity to accept or decline the job. Again, the franchise owner has the right to choose whom he does business with.

Regarding the website content of “Find Your Doctor”, Dr. Vinyl has sent information to owner’s multiple times that they can modify their location details at any time. They can also update their location details to include the exact services their franchise offers. It’s simply a phone call to corporate to make those changes.

The best way to handle the problem you’re speaking of, in my opinion, would be 1 of 2 ways:
1. Each Dr. Vinyl Franchise Owner knows EXACTLY what their franchise territory is. It is in their Franchise Agreement. They should absolutely communicate this information to each of their associates that work within their franchise, so they do not accidentally infringe on another owner’s territory. Also, each Dr. Vinyl Franchise Owner should communicate with their neighboring Dr. Vinyl franchise owners. If a franchise owner does not know who their neighboring franchise owners are, simply call corporate and we would be more than happy to let you know who it is. By working together, you are accomplishing a few things: 1) More services are being handled by Dr. Vinyl/The Doctors Touch and keeping the competition out of your region and 2) you are strengthening the overall brand of Dr. Vinyl/The Doctors Touch in your area which in turn keeps more companies relying on you for services. Note: Be aware that owners occasionally expand their territories. When this occurs, we will notify surrounding Dr. Vinyl owners of the territory expansion.
2. Since Dr. Vinyl owners’ territories and services vary so much, unless you are 100% sure, it’s best to have any “outside customer” contact Dr. Vinyl corporate for the most accurate information. Not just me, but all my other co-workers are just as knowledgeable. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it. That’s what we are here for.
We totally understand what you’re saying here, we get these frustrated customers calling every day. The biggest concern they have with the website is what they consider false advertising (according to the calls we receive). After a customer has viewed the website and reaches out to the Dr. Vinyl representative, it’s very frustrating to hear a customer say “is there anyone else, your guy is not returning a phone call or not responding to an email. Or even worse “your guy says he doesn’t offer that service or he’s not driving that far.” I believe this is a problem that we need to find a solution to.

Sorry for the long response. Looking forward to all responses.