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Doctor “B”

What I would do Brennon is get a good contact adhesive like you would use to lay down linoleum or vinyl floor in a home. You won’t need very much at all. Apply to both sides of the vinyl decking. That’s what I would use to seal the seams that way it will still be somewhat flexible. I would probably run a thin bead of paintable exterior caulk (you could use catalyst gel) to the edge of the seam to help prevent water from getting underneath. Where there are large gouges in the vinyl, since this vinyl decking is laying directly on top of plywood, I would put a sub patch in there and glue it in place with the contact adhesive as well. Then I would fill the void with VSRM, and dye to match. I would not offer any warranty because this is definitely a temporary fix. Based on the photos that you sent, it looks like they really need to replace the entire vinyl flooring due to weathering. Not trying to create more work, but the vinyl decking looks extremely dirty. Maybe you can make up some of your money by offering them to clean the deck with a product called “30 SECOND OUTDOOR CLEANER”. That stuff works great on all types of surfaces. Just spray it on, let it sit on the surface 5-10 minutes, agitate with stiff brush and rinse off. Hope this helps. Good luck.