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Doctor “B”

For the most part, they are all about the same. The biggest difference is that resins come in different thicknesses or viscosities. There are thin, medium and thick viscosity resins. The thin resins (consistency similar to water) up to thicker resins (consistency similar to syrup). The medium is obviously somewhere in the middle of the aforementioned. Some technicians like a thicker viscosity believing that it feels the damaged area quicker where as others prefer the thin viscosity believing it flows into the crack or legs better. There are a bunch of different brands out there but I personally believe it is a preference of the technician. Corey, with Delta Kits will be able to give you a more detailed description/purpose of the various types of resins. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, the type of resin needed for the job really depends on the type of damage you are dealing with. For most of our technicians doing basic rock chip repair, the thin and medium viscosity resins work best.

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