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Teresa Lang

Good Morning Brennon!

Good news: There will be flooring-repair demos at convention 🙂

I personally have never tried the Flooring-Repair-Kit from Home Depot. If you’re going to try it I would definitely change the labels on the kit or use a different box for the kit… The ratings seem very promising. Especially on wood/laminate flooring this seems like a good option.

On linoleum, sheet vinyl and vinyl tile flooring I always use Flex Gel to repair the area and I use Sem Lacquer Dye with paint brushes to re-create the color pattern. The re-coloring is often tricky and might take a little while, however, the end-result is usually very nice. Vinyl/Linoleum-Flooring-Repairs and Re-Coloring will be demonstrated at the convention. We’re hoping to have the final convention schedule ready by mid-February. Flooring-demo-sessions are planned to be held on both days, Friday and Saturday.

– Teresa