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This dark red, marbled vinyl could be many different vinyls (Oxen Soft Maroon, Oxblood, and many others) but a simple way to locate it would be to send a sample of the vinyl to national distributors like Keyston Brothers, Wholesale USA, Masco Fabrics, etc. A good place to get a 2″ x 2″ sample is from the bottom side of the booth. The distributors will try to locate a match or a close substitute for you from many vinyl manufacturers. This takes the work off of you. I have listed the contacts I know of below.

Keyston Brothers 770-209-7890
Masco Fabrics 205-322-3476 Contact: Larry ( I highly recommend Masco. They are a regional distributor but the most helpful of anyone I have dealt with yet.
Wholesale USA 800-239-5952
National Fabric 800-821-7542
Albright Fabrics 662-287-1451

Best of luck,

Mitchell Reid
The Wandering Upholsterer