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As usual most products are designed to work best around 70 degrees F. While we can’t control the weather we can sometimes control the area we are working on by artificial means. I haven’t done a lot of VSR recently but I have been an interior tech for a while and have used different techniques to warm work substrates. The heatgun tends to become your best friend in the winter time. While effective, using the heatgun around vinyl siding may create other problems for you. I have used a blower with a heater attachment for years. It can hold itself in position while leaving your hands free to perform other tasks. In the summer time with the heater removed it also does a great job at cooling. Anyway the blower/heater can raise your work surface to a suitable temperature without distorting your siding.

Best of luck and welcome to the Dr. Vinyl family

Mitchell Reid
Dr. Vinyl Associate in Tennessee