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Doctor “B”

Good morning Brandon. Excellent Post!
To be safe, I would recommend when the temperature begins to drop below 50f, you may want to start considering holding off on the repair or removing the panels to repair inside. The problem is not necessarily the VSRM. It’s working temperature range is -40f to 200f. The bigger problem is the siding itself becoming less flexible and you take the risk of creating more damage. The VSRM & water-base coatings both need 24 hours to reach full cure. Of course the temperature effects that as well. With Dr. Vinyl products, when the weather gets cold it takes everything longer work and longer to cure including your other repair materials such as fillers, aerosols and adhesives. If I had to mention it to a customer, I would extend that cure time to 48 – 72 hours.

A big thing with both products is proper storage in cold weather. DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCTS TO FREEZE. Always take them inside if possible. Hope this helps.

Hope to see some other technicians “IN THE FIELD” chime in on this question.