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Doctor “B”


If not, you are missing out on revenue by offering one of the easiest services that our business offers. Headlight refinishing has come a long way since the beginning but the process is basically the same. You are removing oxidation from the headlamps and restoring clarity to them. There are multiple ways of achieving this and I will leave it up to the technicians in the field to share the process that works best for them. Not only are you making the headlamps look great again, but you’re also making it safe for the vehicles owner to drive at night.

This is not a dealer only service, this is a must need for private vehicle owners as well. Just look at the vehicles you drive by every day. These foggy headlights are everywhere. This is a major problem for all vehicles on the streets and highways. Your cost of investment to offer this service is less than $250.00 but you can charge anywhere from $65.00 – $165.00 per vehicle. Prices will vary from area to area and vehicle to vehicle.

If you want your customers to have the “WOW EFFECT” when seeing the before and after results of headlight refinishing, this is the service, I Guarantee You, will have them telling all their acquaintances about. “It’s all about the Benjamin’s.” (For those that don’t know, Benjamin is the guy on the $100 bill). Lol…