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Thinking outside the box:

I was once asked to remove white paint overspray on the cowl of a car between the hood and the windshield. The manager told me that they had tried every solvent they had in their detail department and were still unable to remove it. I tried all my cleaners and solvents and came up with the same results. So I thought to myself what do I know about this situation and how can I use it to help me solve the problem. The paint was white. The cowl was black. The cowl held paint so well that it would not release it even to a solvent wash. All I could think to do was to paint the cowl black. The manager was amazed when he saw I had removed something no one else could. He asked me what I had used to remove it and this is where I had to “Think outside the box”. I told him that I had signed a confidentiality agreement with Dr. Vinyl and could not reveal any trade secrets or I could put my job in jeopardy. This was indeed true and it still made me look like the hero in the customer’s eyes.

A simple solution and thinking outside the box is a deadly combination.