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Sometimes for spots I use one of the rectangular attachments anyway even if it is overkill. If I cannot gain direct access to the site (ex. in a corner of a storage well), I lay down my damp or wet towel on top of the stained area, then place one of the attachments as close as possible to the stain and close up any gaps between the attachment and the surrounding area with more towels. These towels need not be wet. They are mainly to prevent steam from escaping. They will, however, soon become wet and very hot due to the steam. Be careful when removing. Also to combat any residual staining, while extraction is usually the preferred method, I have found that wiping the surface of the stain with a clean, dry cloth immediately after removing the steamer will usually do the trick when any residue remains. By using this method I have not needed to dye anyplace I have removed red dye. Plus I have found dyeing a wet surface is highly difficult with aerosol dyes. Think about it.

Mitchell Reid