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I have not used FX-8. I appreciate the FX-9 sample. I guess what you are looking for from me is what kind of consistency of filler am I most comfortable using. As my most senior painter says he can shoot any type of paint they send him, even jelly. I can use any of the fillers that you mentioned. However, I prefer the consistency of the following: Extra Thick Vinyl Hyde, Duraflex, and even XR-15. The thinner fillers usually require more layers and patience than I have to offer.

I didn’t mean to send you on a hunting expedition about the B2. I just meant that it seems we are constantly obtaining new fillers with lower cure temps without thinking about the environment that we use or store them in. In the summertime, interior automobile temperatures can easily reach 140 degrees F. Long term exposure to that temperature range will slowly cure fillers that normally flash cure at 295 degrees. Just wanted to put a little caution with our scientific advancement.


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