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Teresa Lang

Good Morning,

Are all the available heat cure compounds you listed available through the Dr.Vinyl Warehouse?

YES! They are all available through the Dr. Vinyl Warehouse.

I have used all you have listed but FX-9

Have you used the FX-8 in the past? The FX-9 is very similar but has a few advantages over the FX-8. It is just a little bit thicker, thus it fills nicer. It is very easy to spread and grain and cures at only 295 degrees. It is way more durable than the FX-8 was. I will send you a FREE sample of the FX-9 with your next order since you were the first one to respond to this!

As far as the B2 goes I will try to find out if we have a filler or can get a filler with a comparable longevity in the heat.

Thank you for your feedback
– Teresa