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Are all the available heat cure compounds you listed available through the Dr.Vinyl Warehouse?

I have used all you have listed but FX-9. My favorite is not on the list and that would be B2. It is from before your time Teresa. I still carry it on my van for emergencies. When I say emergencies I mean when one of the products you have listed above has cured inside it’s container either in my van or in shipment to me during hot weather. I only use B2 to get me thru to the next shipment of the latest and greatest filler. While I keep all the newer fillers in a cooler in the hot weather the B2 remains outside the cooler. Although B2 is not as advanced as the others it has one thing that the other fillers do not…LONGEVITY even in the HEAT. You would have to check with Tony or Darrell but I don’t think the warehouse has carried B2 for 10 years. 10 years and this B2 filler has still not cured! What a product. Still works in any climate and without shelf life worries. I know we have made great strides in filler technology but sometimes the OLD TRICKS STILL WORK.

An Old Dog