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Doctor “B”

Hey Will, excellent post and good questions. There are several manufactures of Carpet extractors out there, some heated and some non heated. Regardless of what brand you pick, I think that you definitely need something that will assist you in removing excess water from the surface you are are cleaning for two very important reasons:

1. To remove as much chemical and moisture from the surface as possible to prevent the crusty feeling and the white chalky residue that you are witnessing.
2. To speed up the drying process, especially when the weather is cool and damp.

Here are just a few of the most popular brands out there.

DURRMAID HOT WATER EXTRACTOR – Commercial Grade – Expensive but very durable (Call DV Parts Department for Price)

MYTEE HOT WATER EXTRACTORS – Commercial Grade – Expensive but very Durable

BISSELL CARPET EXTRACTORS – Inexpensive to Expensive – Walmart, Amazon

Buster C.

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