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Teresa Lang

Pros and Cons of HWE and/or shop vacs:

– Easier to remove residue of stain, cleaning solution and excess water
– Quicker dry times

– Depending on the size of the HWE or shop vac it can take away space in the van
– Most HWEs and shop vacs are bulky and heavy
– Electricity/Extension cord needed
– Heavy duty ones are usually very expensive

Personally I ran in to the situation before were I didn’t bring my HWE to a client where I had to do a very big stain removal and it took me longer that it usually would have. Though a lot of times I don’t even get the heavy/bulky HWE out of the van for smaller/easier cleanings or in hot weather when dry times are short(er) anyways.

What I use on all organic/general stains is Firewater! I love that stuff… I just spray a diluted version all over the seat (10to1), brush with my soft bristle brush, spray more water, clean off with towel. HWE optional!

– Teresa