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Doctor “B”

The following post was submitted by Mitchell Reid, Associate – Dr. Vinyl Of The Cumberland TN.

I really enjoyed getting to make new contacts. The switching of table mates was something I normally would not have done but it definitely made invading someone’s table a little less uncomfortable. I go to conventions, now, mainly to network and this convention really allowed us to do that since we all were in the same rooms at the same time. I would definitely recommend that for future conventions. I don’t mean for the entire convention but a dedicated time in the main room for people to gather, greet, and discuss what they are doing and how they are doing it. It can be done when we are discussing other topics directed at all in attendance or eating an informal meal together. It just needs to be a time not previously set aside for classes, demonstrations, etc. I think broadening our business network in the Dr.Vinyl family is going to be crucial in the days ahead. I hope that isolating ourselves in our Franchises or our states or our geographic areas might be less prevalent and our new focus be on networking.

I have to be honest with you, I have an agenda when I am trying to network. It may be a selfish one, but I am mainly trying to recruit upholstery techs in case I may need them in the future with corporate accounts that have work around the country. This, I hope, helps all of us. It keeps me from traveling further than necessary to do the work and at the same time gives other Franchises the opportunity to add upholstery to their Franchise or increase their already existing upholstery sales. I hope everyone will see this as a win, win situation.

1.I would suggest at every convention for Bill Hubbard to speak and give his “Red Shirt” speech with his in the field examples. This is his area of expertise and we should take full advantage of it each and every convention that he will come and deliver his message. His “Red Shirt” stories are the embodiment of a Raymond Scott quote “We are either working or looking for work.”

2.I would encourage us to have a “Pass the Mic” portion of the convention. At this convention it was really great to get people with different ideas to speak up and express themselves. It certainly gave me the opportunity I was looking for to thank all those who had helped me with the work I had in the previous year. I would never have been able to stand at the front of the room and say what I did. I had to be in the audience. I am not comfortable at the podium like Buster, Richard, or Bill Hubbard. That is were they do there speaking. This “Pass the Mic” portion might give people like me, who are a little less comfortable speaking to groups, just enough “cover” to speak out to everyone. I feel some people can be more forthcoming if they don’t have to get outside their comfort zone. By letting them speak from their table surrounded by the other members of their Franchise they just might be tempted to share more than they would have otherwise.

3.I would suggest that every year we have a convention, regardless of size. Just because we didn’t have demonstrations, vendors, and as large an audience doesn’t mean it wasn’t necessary. The convention gives our Franchise a massive confidence and moral boost every year we attend. We also benefit from the contacts we make every time as well. Ideas and needs are communicated with people that if we are lucky we see once a year and hopefully call a few times between conventions. The conventions are great and are needed more than we know.

Thanks for a great opportunity at this year’s Convention,

Mitchell Reid