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Dr. Vinyl, in association with The Doctor’s Touch, has been providing professional paint repairs, touch ups, bumper/fender repairs, wet sand buffs, and headlight restoration services in Indianapolis and the surrounding area since 2006. If the interior of your vehicle is looking less than stellar from stains, scuffs, children’s tantrums, or wear and tear, it’s time to call Dr. Vinyl. Our services are very cost-effective and we’re always looking forward to servicing your needs!


What we do

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    Auto Paint Repair Services

    If a ding or scrape while driving has led to an ugly scratch or mark on your car, van or truck’s paintwork, give us a call and our specialists will restore your vehicle to its former glory in no time. We also install body side molding, spoilers, and pinstripes.


    Touch Ups

    Whether you’re picking up a new client, date or friend, unsightly scratches on your car can make a bad first impression. Here at Dr. Vinyl, we will go all the way around your vehicle and touch up rock chips, dings and scratches for a fraction of the price of taking it to the body shop.


    Headlight Restoration

    Are your headlights foggy, blurry, dull, or making it more difficult to see when driving at night? Our team of experts can get your headlights back to crystal clear condition and make them roadworthy once again.

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    Bumper/Fender Repairs

    Our method of repair is not like traditional methods which can be very time-consuming and costly. Whether your vehicle has suffered cosmetic damage from bumper scuffs, dents, scratches, cracks or punctures, Dr. Vinyl restores damaged bumpers using the highest quality paints and materials.


    Wet Sand Buff/Paint Corrections

    Sometimes your car just needs a make-over. Getting a full buff on your car reveals a fresh layer that hasn’t been exposed to the elements for years and makes your car look like new again! This is a great way to extend the life of your car’s paint job and even remove superficial scratches and dings.



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